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The word "Sanjivanee", found in most of the Indo-Aryan languages, means ‘something that gives back life’. We can, however, quite safely interpret the meaning in a figurative way as ‘something that gives back hope’ or even better, ‘something that gives new life to dying hope’. This is exactly what Sanjivanee strides for. It is a non profiting organization situated in the historic Indian city of Bishnupur, West Bengal.

For all of us, Sanjivanee is a dream project which hopes to bring some new hope to an otherwise poor, downtrodden, helpless local community. Sanjivanee is still in its cradle, but promises a great future. We are small, and we are well conscious of our limitations. We know that realizing our dreams to reality is not an easy task. But we also strongly believe that ‘if there is a will, there is way’. So with our strong conviction to this better cause and a selfless contribution from all sectors of the local and global society, we hope to win the hurdles and, thereby, to bring a new hope, a better quality of life, a better education and a better future for this very small fraction of the existing much bigger poor and deprived global community. If all of us can contribute a little to ease out the suffering of others, the world will surely be a better place to live.

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26th January

Annual sports in the Lili model school campus

8th May

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

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